How do you achieve and maintain tighter pores?

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Health is one of the major aspects of human life. There is a saying which says like “health is wealth.” Everyday, we counter a lot of health problems where pores on face is a major issue. Everybody dreams to look beautiful and this problem of pores can reduce your beauty. This problem is happening more in youths of modern society. Pores are small openings in the skin on the face, which releases oil and sweat. These pores are connected to the root of the hair. The problem of pores is generally problematic when they appear on faces. They cause in release of oil in larger amount which is another cause for pimples. They also release sweat, which is another problem to the face.

The problem of pores can be natural as well as artificial. It can happen due to acne. The next cause of appearing pores on face is increased sebum production, which is another cause of oily skin. One of the most common natural problem is sunburn and sun damage. When skin remains in the direct exposure of the sun for a longer period of time. Artificial problem can be the over makeup using such harmful and non-skin friendly cosmetics. Markets are flooded with such harmful products which cause large pores on the face, causing an ugly look.

A good remedy can cure this problem, but some precaution should be followed along with the remedy. Some natural remedies are there along with some modern treatment method. Only a regular follower of this can get rid of pores from his or her face. Therapies can not vanish the pores, but the size of it can be reduced somehow. In between we need to make sure that during the process of treatment and processing of the pores, we must not repeat those mistakes which caused pores on face.

Some quick remedies to reduce pores

One must not be disturbed or upset with such day to day problems of life. We all know that “prevention is better than cure”. But after getting late in this process, one must not feel that he is late and he has to suffer. Little procedure is there and after that one can be relieved with this common problem.

  1. Wash your face with fresh water

Wash or cleanse your face regularly with fresh water. The cool effect would block the entry of dirt particles and unnecessary things to create infection inside the skin. After waking up in the morning and at the time of evening, a gentle wash and massage over the whole face with soft hands would be much beneficial. This process would serve for two purpose, it will increase the blood circulation and remove dirt particles from your face. The best option can be with a lukewarm water. Be a regular doer of this practice.

  1. Rinse your face with doctor’s prescribed facewash

Use of unnecessary and non-branded cosmetic products can be harmful for the mild skin of the face. In this way, we must consult a doctor who is skin specialist, dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe a right medicated facewash or gel to reduce the size of pores on your face. Whatever a doctor prescribes, buy it and start using it with immediate effect. Rinse your face on a regular basis with that prescribed medicine and follow the instructions given by the doctors. In this treatment period, no need to take any other cosmetic on your face. Avoid scrubbing your face, instead you can do the massage.

  1. Choosing right skin care products

A large number of beauty products are available in the market. Without getting details of that cosmetics, we start using it. We even don’t care to have a look on the usage label of that cosmetic. This can be harmful for the skin and can create large pores as well as cause skin injury too. If a one is highly desirous to use cosmetic products on his face, then he must consult a dermatologist for the check up of his skin. After doctor’s recommendation, one can apply whatever doctor has suggested to him. Beauty cream is one of the reasons, for the pores on the face. Whatever chemicals a beauty cream company is using, nobody knows. So, it would be better to buy any cosmetic after looking for its brand and reputation in the market.

  1. Use moisturizer for your face

There is common fear among the users of moisturizer. They think that using moisturizer can increase the pores size and it will release more oil from the skin. Moisturizing products are actually helpful in penetrating natural sebum into the deeper layers of the skin. This process reduces the oil patches on your skin and also skin glows effectively and for a longer period of time. And if a one is not using moisturizer, then his skin will emit more oil causing problem. When the problem is about larger pores, then the best formula for this can be the light water-based moisturizer.

  1. Using a clay mask

A clay mask can be a better natural remedy for the treatment of the larger pores on the face. A clay mask is a multipurpose therapy, which reduces pores size, removes dirt, removes dead skin, and help them look smaller. This therapy can be repeated twice in a week, or thrice in a week. Daily use of clay mask can turn you skin tough causing irritation as well itching all over the face. There are some of the clay mask dermatologically tested proves and certified,

  1. Use sunscreen ever yday

Usage of sunscreen every day is necessary as well as compulsory for those having complain of larger pores on their faces. Sun damage is a major issue in the summer days. It causes a lot of problems to the skin like black heads, irritation and itching, cancer threat, and premature wrinkles. Long time exposure to sun can damage your skin severely and make your pores look bigger. So, in order to protect your skin from sunburn, one must wear sunscreen or apply sunscreen lotion. Use a product of SPF at least 30. You have to apply the sunscreen before 15 minutes of going outside. You can also use moisturizers or foundations of SPF 30 at least.

  1. Take out the makeup before sleeping

This is a natural problem in women folk. They sleep unknowingly by wearing their make-up. This reckless behavior can lead to immense injury in the skin. Cosmetics on your face can combine up the bacteria and oil dirt, causing more damage to the skin. This makes them look more bigger as they were the previous day. That’s why it’s highly important to wash the make up at night and then only go to bed. By not being lazy, and not caring about the night, you should do this first at any cost.

  1. Consult a skin care specialist

Every problem has its specialist, especially when it comes to health. Face problems are common for us in everyday life. To consult a skin care specialist costs nothing, but once in a month you must consult him for your glowing face and pores free face. A specialist can suggest you some pretty good ideas for a fast treatment of your skin, and again it will be absolutely safe. The skin care specialist can recommend some procedures for the treatment of pores like micro needling and laser treatment. If can is the reason for your larger pores then the specialist can prescribe some antibiotics to help clear your skin.

  1. Taking good food

Thereafter, a good diet is also necessary for a good and glowing skin. Be cautious about the food you are taking regularly. Food supplement is something very much important which heals the skin problem in daily life. A good food provides protein, vitamins, and minerals. Body requires such food which supports our body system and increases our immune. If a body is fit internally, then only it can be said fit externally. A balanced diet can be the best remedy for the treatment of pores as well as other minor problems of the skin.

Face is a very sophisticated part of the human body. Skin of the face is mild and soft. It needs nourishment on the daily basis. Proper care should be taken of it otherwise it deteriorates fast. Pores on the skin creates a lot of problems like black heads, oil release, sticky face always, and other problems. A proper treatment can heal all these issues within a month or in some cases within a week too. The only thing is that the active participation of the one is required. After following aforementioned tips and methods, one can get easily relieved from the problems of pores.

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