Why reading the label of your facial skincare products is a must?

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Beauty is the supreme power, as they say. If you are beautiful, presentable, it becomes a thousand times easier to get your work done. God only knows about all the advantages that a beautiful person has. This is probably the reason that all of us now a day are dedicated to making ourselves beautiful.

In the process of it, we use a lot of product. It is not possible for any beauty product not have any chemicals in it. We know that it is harmful to our skin, but still, we use it. If you ask that it is important to read the label of the beauty product, then the answer would be yes. At least after reading that, you will come to know what chemicals are used and in what quantity.

Here are some of the points that will tell you the importance of reading the label of beauty products.

Why reading the label is important?

We really can’t tell you enough about it, as you already know the answer. However, the sad thing is that even after knowing about it, people don’t pay attention to it. All the important details about the thing that you are going to buy are written specifically on the label of the product. You come to know about the thing that you are going to use and we think it would not be easy to use it without knowing what exactly it is.

To tell you about the exact things that could be found out after reading the label, we have made a list of important points in the section below.

  1. Preservation method

The very first thing that you need to notice on the label of any beauty product is the way of preserving it. This is something that is of utmost importance, as to how the beauty products are preserved determines how it is going to work on your skin. All the beauty products that contain water in it needs good preservation. Earlier it was paraben that most of the companies used to mix. It’s a harmful chemical and should not be applied directly to the skin. That is the reason that companies avoid mixing them.

  1. Chemicals used

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to know about the chemicals that are present in any of your beauty products. Two things can help you in finding whether the product is good or not. The first thing is a list of generic chemicals that are not good for anyone and cause huge losses. The other set is the list of chemicals that could be tolerated with a lot of skincare, but it could not suit your skin type. So, you need to know what is good and bad for you and then you can decide the nature of chemicals there on the bottle.

  1. Concentration level

This is something very important and easy to know. Every beauty product consists of the level of concentration that the ingredients have written on the label. The first ingredient there on the list would have the most concentration and the last one will have the least concentration. Apart from that, you can read the exact level which would be written by the side of the ingredient name.

  1. The Latin words

It is completely ok if your beauty product has things written on it in Latin. These are the biological names for certain things. Like, Homo Sapiens is a Latin word and it is a biological term for Human beings. In the same way, Lavendula Gastufolia is the botanical name for Lavender. So, if there is any Latin word on your label, it is not a bad thing. If you are not able to understand what product is this, then you can simply type that particular word and search for its meaning on the internet.

  1. The brand

We don’t even realise why are we so brand conscious. Well, in every aspect of life, where we need to buy something, we ask for a brand before buying a particular product. It could be a dress, a good item, medicine or any other thing, for that matter. The reason for which we want to know the brand is that we trust the way they make it. We know the source from which we are getting our products. That is the reason that we are sure that nothing will go wrong. It’s the same with the beauty products too. You should know from where you are getting it and for that, you need to read the label.

  1. The expiry date

The expiry date is something that will tell you that after you have opened the bottle, how long the product is going to stay in a good way. This is undoubtedly one of the most important things to check, as you have not purchased the product for one day. People choose products also based on the duration it is going to last. So, checking the expiry date of the product is very important and for that, you will have to read the label.

  1. Knowing the fragrance

People don’t realize the value of it, but perfumes plays a great role in the changes that our bodies go through. A lot of people think that it is a good thing to do, which it is. However, when we see this from the chemical point of view, it could leave a harmful impact on us. If we talk about the perfume in any beauty product, it is given there to make you feel good while applying it. This is again a chemical and therefore a lot of companies write unscented on their bottle level. The saddest part is that they still have some kind of perfume in it.

So, these were some of the general points for which we think it is important to read the level of every beauty or skincare product that we are going to use. These points are something that we all should follow.

However, if you want to be more sure and aware there are certain things that you should know. The points that we are going to tell you in the section below are quite rare to find and could not found in the usual, common and popular brands.

  1. Fully ayurvedic

We know that this is not a medicine, but we also know that Ayurveda has everything good in it. For once, it may not show good results on your skin, but it won’t either have any side effects too. One should be happy to know that finally there are some of the companies that are truly dedicated to make and launch products that are all made of natural ingredients. Well, these products are a little expensive than the usual beauty products, but are worth every penny.

  1. Vegan

We know that the word and the products that are Vegan have been commercialized these days, but we could not deny the fact that these are good in every way. So, if you don’t know about it, you will be glad that even beauty products are coming with the plant-based ingredients. Now, you have a choice in it, whether you want it this way or not. To find out whether a product is vegan or not, you need to read the label of the product.

  1. Dermatologically tested

Dermatology is the department of science which deals with the problems of the skin. Well, whatever we are using, whether it’s a beauty product or a skincare product, it should suit our skin. If a company is saying that their products are dermatologically tested, then it means that before mixing the ingredients and making the product finally, they have taken the advice of an expert dermatologist. If it is true, then the product won’t harm your skin.

  1. A cruelty-free product

A cruelty-free product is something that is not tried and tested on the animals. We live in a society where nobody understands that animals too have a life, they too feel, they top have the right to live the way they want. You must be aware of the fact that most of the beauty products are tried and tested on animals, just to know how it is working. There are times when some animals die too in the process. So, if you an animal lover or a responsible person as a whole, you should not use a product that is not cruelty-free. You can find about that on the label of the product.

These are the four points that are equally important as the points mentioned in the above section. Not everyone thinks about the importance of them, but if you care about your skin, you should consider them.

We have tried to cover all the points related to the topic. We are sure that after reading this reader will have some clarity about these things and they will think a bit before using any beauty product.

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