Natural Skincare Products That You Should Try

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The more we progress as a society, the more we realize that nature has a way of dealing with everything. It seems to have a solution for almost every problem people face, including skincare issues. 

Natural beauty products have taken over the market lately. Cosmetic companies take pride in labeling their products as such. Moreover, consumers appear to be more trusting of organic cosmetics. 

Natural products are truly potent as ingredients of various serums, exfoliants, and masks. And if you have wondered whether they can be beneficial for your skin on their own, the answer is yes. 

Organic skincare is not a mere old wives’ tale. On the contrary, it has proven its effectiveness time and time again. So without any further ado, let us present the best skincare products nature has given us.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works like magic on the hair, but you must have heard that already. You may have even confirmed that claim yourself. But did you know that coconut oil is healthy for the skin too?

First of all, it acts as a natural make-up remover. Since it does not irritate the skin, you can use it around the eyes. All you need to do is warm it up between your fingers and use it to massage your face gently. After your make-up melts away, wash your face.

Coconut oil is a potent cleanser as well. It is rich in fatty acids, one of which is lauric acid. Due to its antimicrobial properties, it creates an unfavorable environment for the bacteria, and thus, reduces skin inflammation.

Finally, coconut oil can help diminish wrinkles. Once it gets absorbed by the connective tissues of your skin, it strengthens them, making wrinkles less visible.

If you decide to add coconut oil to your daily skincare routine, ensure that you choose an organic one — you want your skin to absorb all the nutrients this product has to offer.

Tea Tree Oil

Continuing the countdown of face oils, here is the second one — tea tree oil. You have probably seen it listed as one of the ingredients of numerous cosmetic products. If you have never bothered to learn what makes it so popular, you may be surprised by its many benefits.

Whichever skin type you have, you can use this oil (unless you are sensitive to it). It has proven effective in soothing dryness and treating eczema as well as reducing the oiliness of the skin. Owing to its anti-inflammatory effect, it can alleviate skin irritation as well.

Tea tree oil is also an excellent choice for acne treatment because of its antibacterial properties. It can be useful for both the prevention and the reduction of acne. In fact, due to its soothing effect, it may even help fade scars.

Lastly, according to a study, the product acts as an antibiotic as well. In combination with an adequate antibacterial cream, it can quicken the wound healing process.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The delicious (and healthy) salad dressing has already proven fruitful when it comes to weight loss. However, that is not its only purpose in the beauty department. It can also be a valuable element of your skincare routine. You can use it to deal with acne, wrinkles, and even sunburn.

The reason it is healthy for the skin is fruit acids it contains. Although it may not be as effective as a fruit acid facial treatment, apple cider vinegar is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Combining it with water makes for both a natural cleanser and toner. Moreover, you can apply the pure product directly to a blemish.

Not only does apple cider vinegar treat existing skin issues, but it also preserves the skin from harmful environmental factors, preventing any irregularities from reappearing. Furthermore, it strengthens the skin cells and preempts the formation of wrinkles.

Raw Honey

Honey is a highly versatile natural product. It has a wide range of practical uses, but most of us use it as food. In fact, it is the only edible that can never expire. The oldest jar of honey is assumed to be around 5,500 years old. 

One of the uses of honey is in the beauty department. Given its properties, it comes as no surprise that it is among the best natural skincare products. Since raw honey stabilizes the bacteria on the surface of the skin, it has also proven useful in acne treatment. It reduces inflammation and hastens the healing process in conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well.

Thanks to its exfoliating properties, raw honey may reduce dark spots that usually result from sun exposure. Moreover, if you routinely use it as a face mask, it may even fade your acne marks.

Sea Salt

A good exfoliant is the beginning of every successful skincare routine. It extracts impurities from pores, preparing the skin for cleansing and toning. However, you don’t have to go to a drugstore to get it. In fact, you may not have to leave your house at all, as you probably have the perfect product in your kitchen. 

In combination with honey, sea salt can make for an excellent exfoliant. However, you can use it solo as well. A sea salt scrub intensifies blood circulation and aerates the skin, promoting its regeneration and leaving it smooth and tight.

Because of its antiseptic effect, sea salt can relieve inflammation related to particular skin conditions. In case your skin is dry and itchy, you can add sea salt to your bath water instead of applying it directly to the skin. 

And if you were wondering, table salt cannot replace sea salt when it comes to skincare as it does not have the same effect. What makes sea salt so beneficial for the skin (as well as the entire body) is the minerals from the sea, which remain in the end product. 


It seems that every efficacious skincare product contains vitamins C and E. They preserve the skin from free radical activity, contributing to its overall health and slowing down the aging process.

However, you do not have to buy a cosmetic product to benefit from these vitamins as avocado can provide them too. It also has antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that serve the same purpose.

An avocado mask has a threefold purpose — it acts as an exfoliant, cleanser, and moisturizer at the same time. 

Thanks to lauric acid, avocado has proven quite useful when it comes to dealing with acne. It has anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties, so it is helpful both for reducing and preventing blemishes. 

Moreover, it is rich in minerals and antioxidants, which is why it is the perfect choice for a gentle scrub. Avocado eliminates dead skin cells and thoroughly moisturizes the skin at the same time, as it contains lecithin, linoleic acid, and B-carotene.

Finally, we must not forget the value of avocado as food. If you have not done it already, include it in your diet and let it nourish your skin from within as well.

Argan Oil

The last oil on our list is truly a versatile skincare product. According to a study, argan oil is helpful as a sunscreen because of its antioxidant properties. It prevents sunburns and hyperpigmentation, and its long-term use may even help preempt skin cancer.

Since it contains vitamin E, argan oil is a superb moisturizer both on its own and as an ingredient of creams and lotions alike. It hydrates the skin, but it does not grease it, which is why it is beneficial for both dry and oily skin. In fact, its anti-sebum effect helps treat acne, whereas its anti-inflammatory quality reduces skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis.

Argan oil is also an excellent remedy for both bacterial and fungal skin infections. It is, in fact, one of its traditional purposes.

Vitamin E and antioxidants, in which argan oil is rich, make for an incredible combination. Thanks to their properties, argan oil can quicken the wound healing process too.

On top of it all, argan oil is a 100 percent natural anti-aging product. It increases skin elasticity, preempting wrinkles and fine lines.

Aloe Vera

This plant seems to be magic. You must have heard about its beneficial effects on the skin — it can indeed do wonders for your appearance. Although it is an essential ingredient of plentiful creams, cleansers, lotions, and soaps, it is most potent in its natural state.

Aloe vera gel treats burns, sunburns, and small abrasions. In fact, its soothing properties are so potent that it is commonly used after shaving or waxing to prevent breakouts. Additionally, because of its antibacterial effect and collagen-boosting quality, it promotes the healing process and minimizes scarring.

Since it absorbs easily, this gel is an excellent moisturizer for oily skin. However, its hydrating effect renders it a suitable product for dry and sensitive skin as well. It can be used for treating eczema and psoriasis, but it can also relieve acne.

Given its numerous perks, aloe vera gel ought to be an essential element of your organic skincare routine. 

Closing Thoughts

Nature appears to be the best cosmetic company. When it comes to skincare, there is almost no issue it cannot offer a solution for. Instead of buying countless products for different purposes, look around you — the answer to your skin-related problems may be in nature.

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