Beautician says sperm is the key to glowing skin

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All That Jizz

You’d have to be living under a rock to escape all those stories and debates on whether male sperm actually helps treat skin conditions. For as long as we can remember, semen facials brought a bunch of promises for elderly women wanting to reduce the impact of the aging process. And we can’t blame them; we’d rather look younger for as long as we can.

From time to time, this story seems to creep out from a dark alley. It causes quite a stir among beauty salons and dermatologists. So we thought it’s time to put an end to that whole mystery once and for all. So let’s investigate the “is semen good for my skin” myth right now!

Health Benefits of Having Sex

Intimate relationships are not only fantastic for your mental state, but they also affect how your body feels in general. There are almost countless reasons it’s good to participate in intercourse. It’s not just about feeling warm and safe on those long, cold nights — the perks extend far beyond your sheets.

For example, sex reduces the risk of cancer, among other things. But it’s also excellent for lowering your stress levels and anxiety. Just think about how unaware of your everyday problems you are once you’re having intercourse with your partner. Who gives a damn about anything else while enjoying some midnight delight?!

Also, regularly having sex reduces the likelihood of getting a cold or flu. Moreover, this leads to a stronger immune system, and with that, you’ll also get better sleep. It’s pretty straightforward — one good thing leads to another.

But that isn’t everything that’s healthy about sex — it also counts as exercise, and it lowers your blood pressure. A recent study showed that having intercourse for about half an hour burns over a hundred calories. So just do the math yourself and see how good a prolonged sex session might end up being.

What Your Skin Needs for It to Glow

It’s no secret that vitamins and minerals are fantastic for our bodies. Therefore, are they enough for a smooth-looking skin? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Skincare isn’t rocket science, but there are particular tips and tricks you should employ in your daily routine.

Firstly, regular cleansing is the basis of healthy and glowing skin. Washing your face with water both in the morning and the evening is essential. Of course, using cleaning products is recommended, but don’t solely rely on them. The point is to clear the pores on your skin from oil and dirt debris.

Hydration is key in general; therefore, it’s understood that it works wonders for skin of all ages. Also, having fresh skin is closely related to using shimmer lotions that consist of glycerin and hyaluronic acid. They both attract moisture and show immediate effects after just a couple of uses.

Last but not least, your body needs a quality diet. Eating healthy is essential for a lot of stuff, so taking care of your appearance won’t work if you don’t pay attention to what you put inside your mouth. Antioxidant-rich food like seafood, grapes, onions, and similar will hugely benefit your look.

Sperm as a Face Mask

People might remember how years ago, a Cosmopolitan editor claimed that applying sperm facials prevent acne. Well, many dermatologists dispute the benefits of sperm for your skin idea. Also, the mentioned magazine no longer shares the thoughts of their former employee, but the question remains.

Warm jizz is full of a chemical compound called spermine. This polyamine can lead to healthy skin as it’s an antioxidant. Proteins in semen can prevent and eliminate wrinkles on your face.

Some cosmetic brands even advertise their products that contain proteins found in sperm. They claim that they cleanse mucous membranes and hydrate your skin. So semen for acne isn’t an old wives’ tale — there’s some truth in it.

But on the other hand, rubbing it over your face, all based on your instinct, isn’t recommended. Unfortunately, that’s an ideal way of sharing STIs, so we strongly advise you to talk to your dermatologist first.

Having a healthy partner will help as it’s vital to know who you’re sleeping with. Prevention is key for all problems, so keeping yourself informed on your lover’s state is essential if you’re willing to give the sperm mask a chance.

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