After-Sex Glow — Truth or Hoax?

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Is After-Sex Glow Real?

You know those cliche movie scenes where the hot-guy and the even-hotter-girl just finish having sex, and they both fall backward with a blissed-out look on their faces and a self-satisfied sigh that’s so erotic it’s practically a moan? Yeah, you know what we’re talking about.

Anyway, the guy then turns to the girl and asks, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” with the douchiest smirk ever, of course, and she says something along the lines of that being the singular most satisfying experience in her life. Then, they part ways, and she goes for brunch with her girlfriends who stare at her because she’s positively glowing.

The reason? Mind-blowing sex, of course.

What Is After-Sex Glow?

While the hot girl reaps compliments on her appearance left and right, the audience is left wondering — can sex be so life-changing? And, if so, how come it never happens to them?

Well, it does. You just don’t have super intrusive girlfriends or inappropriate colleagues who’ll straight up ask you if you were boning all night.

Also, no matter how incredible the sex is, you won’t exactly be glowing. If you do end up glowing, you should probably consult a doctor or a YA novel writer because you just might be stuck in some sort of a Fairy realm.

However, the after-sex glow is a real thing. Research shows that sexual satisfaction has plenty of short-term and long-term benefits. Thanks to the chemicals our brain floods us with after a gratifying sexual experience, our mood enhances, our skin becomes more radiant, boobs stand to attention in a manner that’s just a bit stronger than usual, and our overall appearance improves.

Benefits of Sex

Sex has been the primary focus of many scientific studies. One discovered that it’s crucial for romantic couples to bond and that sexual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after the sexual experience. During those 48 hours, our mood and appearance may seem elevated.

What’s more, couples who have frequent sex report higher levels of relationship satisfaction as well. So aside from changing our appearance and mood, sex keeps us connected to our partners. But why?

Why Does Sex Feel So God-Damn Good?

Sex feels incredible because it’s supposed to. Our brain releases hormones during and after intercourse that make us euphoric, blissed-out, giddy, and overall satisfied. The primary culprits for those feelings are dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters are responsible for the beautiful feeling we have during and after sex.

What’s more, the higher levels of dopamine during sex mean that we bond with our partners and fall in love with them more (or easier, depending on where you are in the relationship).

What Happens to the Brain When We Have Sex (and Orgasm)?

Sure, our brain releases specific chemicals during sex. But that’s not all. It actually floods its system with a delicious cocktail that produces a high many people compare to being better than the artificial high of drugs.

Aside from the happy chemicals we just mentioned, the brain also releases prolactin. That happens right after the Big O because it’s, you’ve guessed it, the satiation hormone!

Prolactin is single-handedly responsible for that deep feeling of satisfaction and fullness that we have after orgasm. Orgasms are also triggers for the endorphin release. These little beauties block pain and make that high just a bit higher because they contribute to the bliss.

So, since all of these chemicals can make us feel really lovely individually, together, they make us practically delusional with satisfaction. And that’s precisely why sex feels incredible.

How Orgasms Affect Our Mood and Appearance

Sex is excellent for our bodies. It burns calories, eases pain, boosts our immune systems, and increases blood flow, thus, regulating blood pressure. There’s a reason doctors recommend regular sex.

If you have more energy and feel better overall than you did the previous day, there’s an excellent chance you’ve had sex that day, right? Yeah, you remember those situations.

But sex is also healthy for our brains.

All those chemicals we talked about counter the effects of stress and reduce anxiety. What’s more, they also make it easier to fall asleep. Recent studies also show that sex boosts cell growth, affecting our memory and overall cognitive skills.

Therefore, the after-sex glow isn’t just a direct consequence of sex. It’s also the outcome of all other benefits of sex combined.

What happens after sex? We’re less stressed and less anxious. Therefore, we look more relaxed. We don’t frown, so our skin looks better. And, of course, we had a good night’s sleep, so we look more rested.

Stronger Sexual Afterglow Has Many Unseen Benefits

Some studies indicate that having an active sex life can also affect our professional performance. Aside from being in a better mood after sex (which inevitably affects our performance in other areas of life), sex also has positive effects on memory. That makes us more productive at work.

But that’s not all. Having a satisfying sex life elevates the levels of our relationship satisfaction and overall satisfaction. That means we’re also more content with our social and professional life.

The good mood that sex causes simply oozes and penetrates all areas of our life. You know that feeling when something slightly bad happens, but you brush it off and say, “I don’t care, I had the best time last night?” Well, that’s what we’re talking about. You’re more likely to maintain a positive attitude if you’re sexually satisfied.

A Few Parting Words

After-sex glow is real, and we should all reap its benefits as often as we can. Sure, the blissed-out feeling of being so satisfied nothing can phase you lasts for 48 hours after sex, but there are also those long-term benefits to think about.

Having a healthy sex life means being and staying healthy. So think about that the next time you refuse sex or say you’re too tired for it. You’re missing out on a lot!

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