What is the secret of Korean skincare?

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Korean beauty is known for its natural supple skin. The Korean women take extra care of their skin to remain young for a long period without letting even a sign of age reflect on their skin. This nostalgia for perfect younger-looking skin in Korean women has led to vast development in this area in Korea. Korea is full of massage parlors and advanced beauty products where Korean women can often be seen splurging the good part of their income.

However Korean beauty is known for using the most natural remedies and nature-based products which make your skin healthy without any side effects. Let’s see some of the Korean Beauty secrets that they follow to keep their skin young like forever.

Manage a healthy beauty regime

Korean women take good care of their skin. They don’t just take the help of makeup to look young, but they believe in naturally healthy skin. For which they religiously follow a good and healthy beauty regime. In Korean culture a seven-step beauty regime is defined which is as follows –

  1. Clean your face with clean water and non-soap-based face wash. They do not recommend using a cleanser, rather water being a natural universal solvent will help refresh skin and remove extra dirt that may have settled on your skin throughout the day.
  2. Then you must exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin. This must be done at least twice a week. Including this step-in daily routine may harm your skin and make it rough. Don’t know how to exfoliate your skin? Read this Loreal article to know.
  3. Then apply a toner to your skin. This will help retain the natural pH balance of your skin that may have become dry due to the previous step. Also, the toner will help your skin absorb further beauty products better and in a more effective manner.
  4. Then you must apply the eye cream. The eye area is more sensitive than other areas of your skin and it requires special care. Applying eye cream will help moisturize and repair the skin around your eyes.
  5. Next one must apply a serum. This serum could be any concentrate that has been recommended for your skin related problems like hyperpigmentation, or anti-aging or dryness and likewise.
  6. Then you must apply the moisturizer. This will keep your skin hydrated all night while you are sleeping and will help lock the serum beneath it.
  7. The next step is to apply a face mask. There are many night face masks available in the market, which you can apply on your skin and leave it all night. This tends to repair your skin overnight and help regenerate tissues that might have worn out due to various factors like air, pollution, sun rays, etc. throughout the day.

Use natural ingredients

There are many days to products in our kitchen that could help us remain young for a long time. You must go to visit your kitchen and use these products to help heal or correct any kind of skin problems you might be having. This will not only help you heal your skin, but will never harm your skin like other chemical-based products. Some of such ingredients and their effects are mentioned below –


Lemon is a natural bleach that can help you improve the color of your skin if used regularly. Also, in case you have dark patches then you can rub a lemon peel on it to get rid of that dark patch over time. You can add a few drops of lemon to your face pack to get its effect. Also, adding lemon peels to your bathing water will act as a natural deodorizer.


Try applying honey to your skin and leave it there for ten minutes. Then rinse it off with clean water. This will leave your skin soft and supple. This happens because honey has natural wax in it which forms a protective layer on your skin and helps remove any kind of dryness from your skin.


Yes, potato helps reduce dark circles. To use potato, just grate one-fourth of the potato and squeeze it to get the juice in a bowl. Then add a few drops of milk to it. The mixture needs to be applied to your under-eye area every day. However, you need to make this mixture fresh every day as both potato and milk perish over time and may stale if kept over a day. Milk is a natural cleanser and will help reduce your dark circles along with bleaching action of potato.


You can covert a tomato into some puree and apply it on your face and body as required. This is a natural antioxidant and will help remove any kind of hyperpigmentation on your skin and will release free radicals, which helps slow the aging action of your skin.


Turmeric is a magic ingredient that you can find in your kitchen and use it to help heal your skin. Add just a pinch of it to your face pack or a tablespoon of chickpea flour and make a paste to apply on your skin. You can also add it to your weekly body scrub. It helps remove tan from your skin and reduces the sign of aging over time.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

While we recommend keeping your skin clean and healthy from outside, it is often the reflection of what you eat and how you treat yourself. Diet and exercise are two main ingredients to keep your skin healthy from inside. Have you ever noticed that how fasting gives an extra glow to your skin or eating a certain kind of food would cause pimples and oily tags on your face? This is a prime example of how your diet can help your skin. Some of the ingredients that help maintain healthy skin are vitamin E and vitamin C.

These are amply available in green and leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. One must restrict junk food to just once in a week. Add at least one fruit in their diet every day and avoid alcohol regularly. Also, if you cannot go to the gym, you must go for half an hour walk every day. Korean women not only work to keep their skin young, but also work to keep themselves healthy by maintaining an active lifestyle.

Mask Sheets

Mask Sheet is originated in Korea and is an ample way to treat your skin without having to go to a parlor or having to do too much. Just wash your skin and apply these concentrated sheet masks on your skin to help heal it. It can be applied in any leisure time. These are so much developed now that you can find one for your specific skin-related concern.

Acne Care

The real skin problem starts at our age of puberty, which if not taken care of properly might leave scars that may remain on your skin like forever. The Korean beauty market is full of acne care products that can help you with your acne-related problem at any age. They have the whole package of toners, cleansers and healing creams to apply on your acne either to control it or heal it. Acne requires a lot of care.

You must religiously wash your face at least four times in a day if you suffer from acne as it is not only the oil glands that are secreting too much oil on your face, but also the dirt that sits on your face which reacts with this oil to create acne. Hence, cleaning your face with acne pro face wash and then applying an acne cream will help reduce this process and will keep your skin healthy and happy.

Skin Treatment

The Korean beauty market is full of skin treatments. Be it any problem, you just need to go to any beauty expert in the Korean market and they will help you generate a beauty regime to suit your specific problem. Sometimes they may suggest getting some treatments done by their experts and sometimes it would be just a bundle of beauty products to apply on your skin to get rid of your problems. They believe in experimenting in the beauty market and some of the best anti-aging products may find ingredients like snail mucus. This is a magic ingredient in Korean culture to keep you young for a longer period.

Overall, Korean culture is advanced in terms of beauty products and can only suggest what needs to be done to help keep young and beautiful forever. However, you need to follow that regime with strict discipline and maintain a healthy diet with it to let it work for you. It won’t show an effect if you decide on one blue moon that you are going to take care of yourself and have a spa day on other days you barely even take off your makeup and just sleep with it. One needs to understand the importance of to keep their skin clean and moisturized. These are two basic steps that will at least help you remain where you are now with your skin. However, other steps mentioned above will help improve its texture and color.

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