The different levels of fluffiness of cat tails

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Have you ever explored kitty play in your BDSM sessions? There is something uniquely sexy about feline charm. It’s not as visibly powerful as the alpha male factor or as spicy as some foxy magic. But, it boasts a different enigmatic appeal which is simply irresistible. Imagine the joy of your partner when he will see you in all four with a long bushy cat tail dangling from your back and a pair of cat ears gracing your pretty head! Now, that sounds racy, isn’t it? You bet.

Cat play has always been a much loved part of BDSM sessions. If you are already into BDSM, you certainly know about the pet play fetish. And cat play is one of the most practiced sessions between dom-sub acts. A cat tail butt plug is just the toy you will need here. As the name says, these are nifty butt plugs that are fitted with cat tails. When you will insert the plug inside, the tail would dangle outside creating an extremely sensuous picture.

Vast and versatile variety

When it comes to cat tail butt plugs you will be spoilt for choices. These tail plugs are available in a wide variety of materials and tail styles. In regards to materials, the most popular options are silicone, glass and stainless steel. If you want to know about tail styles, well, there are an umpteen number of styles to choose from. Some of the cat tail butt plugs carry a natural looking tail. You will mostly find them in black or fawn or brown colors- just the way you see with cats. But, then, you will also get tails in various other interesting shades like pink, red and so on.

You will also get options in tail structure and styles. Some tails are long and sleek while there are tails that are compact and concise.

Top cat tail butt plugs you will adore

You must be really curious to try out cat tail butt plugs by now. Well, the post below offers a brief on some of the best cat tail butt plugs for you.

Chesire Tail butt plug

With its unique pink and blue patterns, this is certainly not your regular cat butt plug. The bold colors whisper about amazing adventures that you can totally try in your next BDSM sessions. In fact, this plug looks more of whimsical. So, if you are in a solid playful mood, this one would be your true partner. You will love the fluffy feel of the tail. And the very sight of it dangling between your butt cheeks would surely drive your partner crazy.

In regards to the plug, it’s made of stainless steel which makes it great for temperature play. The tapered head assures smooth and easy insertion while the flared base promises a solid anchor at the backdoor.

Besides, yes, the plug also comes with a matching pair of cat ear.

Kitten Cream butt plug

This butt plug screams of passionate sessions with your partner from every angle of the toy. The mix of brown, black and golden in the tail conjures up a truly wild flavor that you two would love to savor for hours. Together with matching ears, the tail comes in a complete set.  Both the car and tail are handmade which makes the toy even more special. The furry portion looks every bit of real fur thanks to the use of premium Mazzucchelli acetate straight from Italy. However, in reality, it’s just faux fur.

The plug looks equally inviting. You will love its tapered head which ensures easy painless insertion. And yes, the plug is made from medical-grade titanium and that guarantees a body-safe product.

Synthetic Faux Fur Cat Tail Hot Pink

Do you love hot colors in your bedroom, especially during your intimate sessions? Well, according to color experts, bold colors set the right mood to go all sexy and wild. And if you too are craving to indulge in some bold plays in the privacy of your room, this bright fuchsia cat tail butt plug would be just the thing for you. It’s compact yet fluffy which duly evokes a plush feel. You won’t get enough of touching it; your partner is sure to have the time of lifetime when you will seduce him wearing the cat tail.

When it comes to the plug material, it’s made of stainless steel which assures a solid feel of fullness inside. Moreover, steel-based plugs are always a breeze to clean.

Brown 15” cat tail plug

You have another fluffy cat tail butt plug which is sure to take your intimate sessions to a whole new level altogether. You will love its rich brown tint while its soft texture feels amazing to touch. It will create a wonderful sight when you will wear the plug inside and the tail would swing to and from in between your butt cheeks.

In regards to the plug, well, it’s made from silicone. It’s one of the best materials one can use for sex toys. Silicone is not only soft and super comfortable but it’s also hypoallergenic and body-safe. Moreover, it’s also easier to clean.

Cheetah Synthetic Faux Fur Cat tail Butt Plug

You must have heard that cats are the older cousins of tiger and cheetah. And this gorgeous butt plug here with its bold cheetah spots is sure to inspire you to unleash your inner wild feline with glory. If you are looking to add some power punch to your otherwise mundane sex life, count on this lovely butt plug. Its powerful visual will tempt you to unravel all your wild fantasies and indulge in some truly steamy actions.

The plug is made of soft silicone for a breezy insertion at the backdoor. If you loved these cat tail plugs, they are available at Loveplugs and score huge discounts.

Final words

Always make sure to use good amount of lube both while inserting and removing your cat tail butt plug. Lube will allows you to avoid friction and enjoy a painless insertion. Beginner users should always start with silicone plugs. But, don’t use silicone lube with silicone plugs.

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