How to Start Your Kitten Play Journey

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You have been your partner’s submissive, but have you ever been their pet? Petplay is a rather popular kink within the BDSM community. It allows the partner who assumes the role of an animal to channel their wild side and follow their instincts. Meanwhile, the partner who takes on the part of the owner can express their dominant nature.

Although “the pet” is usually the submissive one in such a relationship, partners can switch between roles. The dynamics of their relationship and the intensity of their scenes depend entirely on them.

However, before you start planning your scenes, you need to choose which animal to play. If you identify with a cat, the following lines will prepare you for your new experience.

Kitten Play: A Subcategory of Petplay

Kitten play is among the most common types of animal role-play. It bears some similarities to puppy play because both cats and dogs are domestic animals. They can be trained, played with, and cuddled. However, the personality of a cat differs from that of a dog, which is why kitten play can prove to be more challenging for the person playing the owner.

In comparison to dogs, cats are low-maintenance; that much is true. They are independent creatures that require less attention. Nevertheless, they are also stubborn and rebellious and can even openly defy their owner. 

If you are the kitten player in a relationship, you have to adopt the mannerism of a cat. You need to be cuddly and sweet, yet mysterious. Your owner should never know whether you are going to obey their orders or scratch them with your claws.

As your owner, your partner needs to be firm and decisive. They must know how to discipline you for misbehaving and how to reward you for following their rules.

Is Sex Necessary for Kitten Play?

Petplay is one of the many BDSM practices. Although its nature is usually erotic, it does not have to include sex. A couple can engage in pet play without having intercourse. It can be their way of expressing their feelings for each other or channeling their primal instincts.

Therefore, you can enjoy kitten play, as well as any other type of animal, role-play without having sex. In fact, sex is not the point of such a relationship, even if it happens. It is everything that comes before it that makes kitten play what it is. 

There are various motives for engaging in pet play. The most common one is power exchange, but some people enjoy it for the cuddling and role-playing it implies. Getting involved in a human-animal-like relationship provides them with a sense of security and affection.

Kitten Play Behaviors

If you have ever owned a cat or played with a stray, you know that they have a unique personality. They can be friendly, cuddly, and almost irresistible. It takes them one glance at you to completely crawl under your skin. However, they can turn around and become hostile and even combative within moments. Their moodiness can surprise you, but that is the reason we love them. A cat can be your pet and rival at the same time.

That is why a person role-playing as a kitten in pet play is not submissive by rule. Their independence is the reason they often express dominant tendencies and can, therefore, switch between roles. You and your partner need to set your own rules and determine the dynamics of your relationship according to your affinities. 

When a kitten does submit to their owner, they can be either playful and obedient or rebellious and defiant; there is no in-between. Their behavior depends on their mood and the way their partner is treating them. They can disobey their owner while looking them right in the eyes or charmingly cuddle against them. 

Whichever way you choose to go, remember that kitten play, like all BDSM kinks, should be enjoyable for both (or all) of you. Whether you are a submissive kitten or a switch, you and your partner need to learn how to listen to one another and recognize each other’s needs.

Kitten Play Costume Essentials

If you want to assume the role of a cat, you need to adopt the feline behavior. However, to enjoy the experience to the fullest, you should also adapt your look to fit your role. The market offers a broad selection of masks, costumes, and sex toys so that you can create your feline persona. You do not even have to go to a sex shop to get the majority of the essentials. You can buy makeup at a cosmetic shop and get cat ears and a cat costume at any costume store. However, if you want to expand your horizons, you should also visit a sex shop and get a collar (unless you want to be a stray cat).

In case you are into anal play as well, you have probably tried a butt plug. Now that you are about to engage in kitten play, you will be thrilled to learn that there is a butt plug with a two-fold purpose. It stimulates your anus while transforming your behind into that of a cat. We are talking about a cat-tail butt plug. 

The product has a cat-like tail made of faux fur attached to the plug. Thanks to the expansion of this fetish, you can choose among a variety of options and become any kind of cat you want. When it comes to the material of the plug itself, you should opt for a non-porous one, such as silicone or stainless steel, so that you can properly clean your toy. 

Is Kitten Play Gender Limited?

Are kittens exclusively male or female? Of course not. You can play a cat and enjoy the experience regardless of your gender. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can get in touch with your animalistic side.

You can be a male kitten that defends their territory or a female one that enjoys cuddling but scratches when upset. The options are limitless, and the only rules you should abide by are the ones you and your partner agree on.  

Your sexual orientation is also not a factor in kitten play (or any kind of pet play). This kink is about unleashing your inner animal and does not impose any limits aside from those you and your partner set yourselves. 

What you need to be, however, is imaginative and creative. You have the liberty to create the cat you want to be and the relationship you want to have. Thankfully, you can always rely on the experience of others to get inspiration and search the market to get the best ideas. 

Closing Thoughts

Starting your kitten play journey can be rather confusing, especially if you have never engaged in any kind of pet play. However, you need to keep in mind that it is about following your primal instincts, so anything you find enjoyable (as long as it does not harm anyone else) goes. If  you cannot wait to unleash your kitten behavior, then head over to Loveplugs to score fluffy cat tails!





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