The Millennial Skin Care Obsession

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Are you obsessed with taking care of your skin? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Young people went from acting like they don’t care about anything to acting like every little thing matters. Why is that? Everyone is living their lives very publicly these days. That means that they can’t show anything less than perfection. One-upping each other is the way to live, and having better skin care than the other guy isn’t an exception. 

Not So YOLO Anymore

If you don’t know what YOLO stands for, you might just be a little too young. Don’t worry, though. We’ll tell you all about it. YOLO is the abbreviation of You Only Live Once, a motto that many young people would swear by. What this means is that you don’t care what is going to happen. You just want to try everything at least once.

That entails making reckless decisions, not caring about yourself and others, etc. Yes, it might seem strange to some of you that this was a way of life for many people, both young and old. However, everything seems to be shifting now. YOLO has a whole different meaning. It seems to now mean that you only live once, so take care of yourself. Wait, what? Yeah, people are now obsessed with skin care routines.

Not only are they obsessed with taking care of their skin, but also going to the gym, eating healthy, and promoting their healthy lifestyle. It’s all about getting the most likes or shares whenever you post your healthy habits. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vlog, blog post, or a simple Instagram post — if people like what they see, they will definitely double-tap it.

Social Media Ads > TV Commercials

TV commercials have been outdated for a long time now. Let’s be real, with the internet being so popular and accessible, does anyone even watch TV anymore? Even if they do, when was the last time you’ve heard someone say they got something because they saw it in a TV commercial? Things are completely different nowadays. 

With the internet being as magnificent as it is, that’s exactly where people will be looking for products. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads are more likely to attract someone than anything else. However, that’s not all that happens. With influencers being as popular as they are, they are probably the best at advertising and selling just about anything you can think of. 

That rings true for skincare products as well. Be honest — are you more likely to try something if your favorite influencer recommends it? They’re not called influencers for no reason. Those are the people whose expertise or experience you trust, hence why you readily put the future of your face into their hands.  

How the Korean Culture Influenced Skin Care

Koreans are very well known for their smooth and flawless skin. Not only are we talking about their influencers and “normal” people, but about idols as well. If you’re not familiar with the concept of idols, think about your regular celebrity. It doesn’t matter whether they’re individual singers, group members, or actors — they are all idols.

However, unlike many other celebrities, people expect them to be a certain way. That includes acting a certain way, being insanely talented, interacting with fans, and looking their best at any time of day.

Korean skin care is largely popular mostly because of them. Who wouldn’t want to have the perfect skin that a celebrity has? We surely do, and now it’s totally achievable. All you need to do is go to a place that sells skin care products, and you’ll definitely find something that came out of Korea.

The Higher the Price, the Better the Results

Now, you can expect your favorite influencer to advertise only the best skin care products. Oftentimes, those products will be out of your budget. Yeah, all of these famous fashion brands now have their own skin care lines as well. They may or may not be using quality ingredients for them, but they’re definitely pricey. 

Since we’re living in the era of constantly one-upping each other, it’s only natural that people would have a skewed point of view. They think that if a product is more expensive, that must mean it will give them better results. That’s not always the case. We can’t tell you how many times the high-end brand ‘dupes’ gave us the exact thing we were hoping for.

Not to mention, high-end brands usually have small packaging, which means you’re buying smaller amounts of product for more money. All of this is to show that more expensive doesn’t always mean better. People will slap a high price on just about anything and have a million reasons to justify it. Sure, this shirt might be hand-made, but my grandma can also knit you a sweater for a few dollars.

Good-Looking Skin Is Equal to a Good Status in Life

Sadly, this becomes more and more true as the years pass. Especially because showing pictures of yourself and your things is insanely popular right now. So, since you have to show your face in pictures, you can’t have it looking bad. Pimples, acne scars, dry skin, blackheads, and more are all something you supposedly shouldn’t have. However, those are all the things that are perfectly normal and happen to the majority of the population. 

Still, some of the influencers try their best to show themselves in a very realistic light. They show their real skin, without filters, photoshop, or make-up. This is how they’re teaching younger generations that it’s perfectly okay to be who you are and look the way that you do. You can fix any issue you have if you just put in a bit of time and effort. 


Young people became increasingly obsessed with skin care, and for different reasons. Some might say that these reasons are good; some say they’re bad. Either way, we think that whatever is teaching these folk how to take care of themselves is indeed good. We just hope that they won’t actually become obsessed with any of their newly-found interests.

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