That Unique Beauty Ritual I Have Before Having Sex

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If you thought you’d heard it all when it comes to before-sex beauty routines, you don’t even know the half of it yet. Let me tell you all about what I do, how it works for me, and why not doing this can result in some serious horror stories.

Go Naked, Starting With the Face

Having sex is one of those things you cannot do with clothes on. Well, it depends. Maybe your partner likes to rip a tiny hole in your leggings, do the deed, and that’s it. I’m not the type of woman that will let my man ruin a perfectly good pair of pants. So what do I do? I go naked. I mean, sexy lingerie is a must at times, but I’m definitely naked during the performance.

Taking a bath is one of the many things on my ritual list, but I also like to set the mood with some music, maybe even light some candles. This is the only time I’m not wondering if I’ll burn the house down, simply because I am in a bath full of water. Anyway, after I do my little pampering session, I do something that might surprise many of you. So let’s talk about makeup removal. 

Taking your makeup off is so important for so many reasons. I’m sure you’re aware of how messy we all can look after sex. Well, the same applies to your makeup. It can get all smudgy and go everywhere. Oh, and just you wait until it solidifies on your face. That image of you looking like a witch will be embedded in your partner’s mind for all eternity, and I’m sure that’s not the look you’re going for.

That’s why you should remove every single trace of makeup. At least you won’t have to worry about what you’ll look like during — or after — sexy times.

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Why It’s Important to Remove Your Makeup Before Having Sex

Now, listen to me when I say that I am a woman of many horror stories. Still, this isn’t a horror story that happened to me; however, I’ve been a part of it. You can actually say that I was the cause of horror for another person.

Yes, I’m talking about the only time my partner saw me with after-sex makeup. Words simply cannot describe what went on through this man’s head. Why? Well, darling, first, he couldn’t hold back his laughter. The deed was done, so I’m sure he didn’t care about me continuing to look sexy. After his little laughing fit, he wanted to examine my face up close and very personal. Needless to say that I didn’t have much fun with that.

At the end of it all, I’m sure he was proud because my face was definitely his doing. I didn’t make my own eyes tear up or smudge my own base that I spent such a long time on. He was definitely proud of himself, but he made sure I knew that this wasn’t something he ever wanted to see again.

Quite honestly, I completely understand his point of view. Seeing me like that will probably haunt him for a long time.

Is It Just Me?

The reason why I’m asking this is because of my friends. I hope you’re not sitting there silently judging me because they definitely did — and they made sure I heard everything they had to say. It was weird to me how almost offended my friends were when I told them I wear no makeup. Maybe they simply don’t think it’s possible to look sexy with a bare face.

All of them do things completely differently. They’ll be walking around with a bare face, but when it’s time for sex — it’s time for their inner makeup artist to take over. I did try to make some valid points and ask them why they were wasting precious makeup. However, they didn’t want to hear any of it.

After that conversation, much like Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder — am I the only one who does this? So now, here I am, trying to teach you my ways. That’s partly because I no longer wish to be alone in my little ritual — which, honestly, I thought was like a private thing or whatever. Now I want at least one of you to try this yourself because you’ll definitely realize that makeup will only be in the way.

You Don’t Need Makeup for This Performance

It’s okay — we all get insecure sometimes. So we try to do our makeup and hair the best we can so that others will see us at our best. But let’s think about this whole thing for a second. You’re having sex with someone you like or love, and the feeling is mutual. Do you really think they’ll care if you have tons of makeup on or none at all? Of course not!

You’re beautiful just the way you are. Makeup is only there to enhance what you already have. If my words cannot empower you enough, then at least let me encourage you in a different way. Ensure your partner closes their eyes and take control. Why? You can compensate whatever you lack by how well you perform in bed.

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Having sex might feel like putting on a show, but this show isn’t the one you should be in full costume for. Let your natural self out because that’s exactly why your partner loves you. Learn from my mistakes rather than yours, and thank me later.

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