This Facial Cleansing Device Is Being Used the Wrong Way

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People use all kinds of things when it comes to pleasing themselves sexually. One of those things is a facial cleansing device. We’re sure you’re wondering how that is even possible. Well, that’s because you still don’t know what device we’re talking about. Read this article with an open mind because people definitely have to get creative during the pandemic.

A Device Being Used Not for Its Purpose

The device we’re talking about is Foreo Luna Play. We know exactly what you’re thinking, and it definitely sounds like a sex toy. However, it’s just a facial cleansing device. Nothing suspicious going on with it, right? People are definitely using it exactly as advised… wink wink.

Anyway, this device is popular all over the world. Many women use it or want to use it as it guarantees to do wonders for your skin. Still, are they all using it to get smooth skin and even the skin tone? We don’t quite believe that.

Not only does this device cleanse your skin, but it can also give you a decent facial massage. We’re sure you can see how that can apply elsewhere too. Since this device is not that complex-looking, nor is it complex to use, it’s easy to assume that it’s perfectly safe to use on other parts of your body. Maybe you want your arms to be as smooth as your face, your stomach, or even your hands.

A device like this can easily be multi-purpose, and we’re here to tell you how it works.

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Why Everyone Is Mistaking These Products for Something Else

I mean, come on. Just taking a single glance at this cleanser will tell you all you need to know. It’s a circular device made of soft silicone. It’s small enough to fit snugly into the palm of your hand, all for your face-cleansing convenience. Foreo Luna Play also has soft silicone bristles that will further help improve your skin.

So what’s the fun part? It also vibrates. Oh yeah, we’re sure you know where this is going. The vibrations aren’t intense because this device is meant for the delicate skin of your face. You use it by giving yourself a gentle one-minute massage twice a day. Now, doesn’t that sound familiar? Of course, it does.

Now that you know exactly how it looks and what it does, it’s safe to say that Luna can easily be a pocket-friendly vibrator. If you have it, it’s ok to admit you’ve already tried it on your private parts. In case you haven’t, we strongly encourage you to.

Is It Safe to Use as a Sex Toy?

Since soft silicone is safe for your face, it’s not wrong to assume that it’s safe to use it anywhere else on your body. We’re sure you know that soft silicone vibrators and dildos are some of the safest sex toys out there. It’s all in the material they’re made of. Now, silicone is porous, but with proper cleaning, it will last you a long time.

Don’t sit there with a judgy face now. During the pandemic, a lot of people had to resort to various ways of getting themselves off. Nobody is going out to sex shops to buy themselves a new toy to play with. Some people might think that sex shops aren’t essential, which explains why they probably aren’t working right now.

Either way, whether it’s silicone dildos, anal beads, bullet vibrators, or facial cleansing devices — people had to get creative during the pandemic. Don’t act like you don’t know that wand vibrators were once only innocent massagers. That’s until one day, women all over the world wondered what it would be like to try to vibrate their private parts. And look where we are now.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Finding new ways of reaching orgasm is always fun. You get to experiment with all kinds of different sex toys and explore your body in the process. Hey, you even try your vibrating facial cleansing device! Not to mention, it gives you incredible results.

Still, we think it’s better to use it exclusively for your face. It does the job, so why are we saying that? Well, there’s only so much it can do for you. Sure, an orgasm is an orgasm, but what if you can feel them better and more intensely? It’s unlikely that you’ll get that with a device that isn’t meant to help you reach those orgasms.

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Plus, it would be so much cheaper if you just went out and got yourself an actual sex toy. Maybe get something versatile, so you can experiment with it. Bullet vibrators are amazing for all of you who enjoy clitoral orgasms, while dildos and vibrators are for penetration-loving folk. Of course, it’s up to you what you’re going to use to get off. All we’re saying is that if a thing has a purpose — maybe it’s best not to use it for something else.


Finding a new toy to play with is always fun, even if it means using something that has an entirely different purpose. Even though your device does the job of helping you get off, we still think it’s best to stick to your trusty sex toys. If you find them boring, it’s simply time to find something new that will spark a new fire within you.

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